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Access Control




  • Single antennas column (no more cable at ground)
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Widened gate (over 3 meters)
  • Fully compatible with PVC Badge
  • Fully compatible with Rfid wristbands


RFID Technology allows you to identify people&goods in a simple, reliable and automatic way.


The brand new Free Hands Access Control, developed by IDEST, is made up by a very reliable single column gate, with one DLPA antenna array which enable the maximum reading range for access control purposes.


ID-ACCESS is suitable for fair, exibition, seminar or convention, or wherever is needed a very cost-effective, reliable and simple-use rfid access control system.


ID-ACCESS has been developed especially for this purpose: it has been tuned for maximum reliability and reading range with PVC ISOCARD badges, using UHF EPC Class1/G2 technology.


As for traditional access control systems, the ID-ACCESS operates with standard ISOCARD badges, which can be printed and filled with personal informations such as name, surname, Company name, photo and so on.


The Rfid column is placed near any access gate which has to be monitored. Thanks to its Autopilot, the ID-ACCESS enables automatically the reading procedure to identify the visitor currently passing thru the gate.

We are able to retrieve data about:


  • the number of visitor in real time
  • statistic about the top visited areas
  • percentage of absents




ID-ACCESS is equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and can be powered directly by ethernet cable (Power Over Ethernet).

The reliability of the system is granted 24h/7days thanks to the twin operating modes:

1. stand-alone: the gate works in autopilot mode and retrieve data from people's access keeping in its internal memory all the information regarding the transit (VISITOR_ID, DATE, TIME...)

2. on-line: the gate is constantly controlled by a remote or local host  (PC, Server, Plc, Mobile Computer...),  able to provide query, infos (in realtime) directly to the user.



  • Windows based management software
  • Data available in real time
  • Query for name, badge_id, gate_id
  • Query for date and time
  • Statistics regarding the maximum (minimum) affluence
  • Statistics regarding the most (less) visited areas




The IDEST-ACCESS management software is fully compatible with Windows based OS, and can be customized for Mobile Os deploying.

The data format is compatible with the most popular home office data management softwares, like Ms Word, Excel or with the professional database like Sql Server, Access, Oracle or Postgres.

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