The immigration emergency that affects Italian coasts has led to the need of planning a  reliable system  which  allows  to  quicken the  procedure  of  identification  and  transport  of  the people involved.
The Italian Civil Protection Department in collaboration with  IDEST  identified in RFID technology  applied to the hands-free access control the more reliable solution.

Description of the System:

The system consists of a part dedicated to the procedure of  identification and recruitment of the migrant within  the  informative  system.

A UHF RFID badge is  produced  during  the migrant's nterview and it is filled in with  the migrant's personal data  and the photograph. The same data are encoded inside the microchip.
The cards are issued thanks to the software Zebra Card Studio which drives a P330i printer and given to the migrants.

There are  two  rules  of  procedure:  the  first  through  a  portable USB reader  connected  to  the medical  PC,  the  second  through  IMPINJ  Xportal gate  for  the  procedure  of  boarding  and massive identification.

The  system  has  been  working  since  July  2011,  it  has  already  allowed  to  speed  up   the procedure  of  identification  in  the place of  the  landing and  to  assure  the quick  access  to  the acilities of the structures in the receiving centres.

Future employment will allow  to use the system also in  the canteen  running, medicine delivery and basic necessities inside the camp.


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