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Human Resources






  • Human Resources RTLS for MACRO AREAS (compounds)
  • Stay time in a division, area or building
  • Duration of working processes
  • Data available on various DB, in REAL TIME




Human Resources management is a process of primarly importance in manifacturing and production plants which need to collect data regarding the production processes.

One of the most important need is to acquire infos about the available resources to dedicate to a machinery or to a particular manifacturing process.

At the same time it's important to calculate the duration of the process, the person stay time around that machinery, in order to have idea about the process costs.

Data should be available in real time in every plant's areas, such as warehouse, production, laboratory, maintenance and so on.

The immediate resource's location and availability should be performed in real time and in reliable way.

Thank to the Rfid-Active the Resources Manager should be able to identify, locate and trace any human resource working in the plant.

Every employee is equipped with a traditional PVC badge, very similar to a standard credit card or bus ticket.

The badge, thank to a miniaturized Rfid Chip inside of it, is able to trasmit in wireless mode to a central unit, its internal unique-code and its position inside the plant.

The ID-LOCATOR control and management software gives infos in real time about the available resources and their stay time in every area.

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